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Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount

A shared love for the natural world, a sense of adventure and a Volkswagon camper brought them together. Their shared love for textiles, design, and manufacturing fuels their collaborations as artists and entrepreneurs. 

Their work together includes the building of a factory and the establishment of their brand, Brahms Mount Textiles. The weaving factory was built by Noel based upon Claudia’s original textile designs. Equipped with antique mechanized shuttle looms, they trained a staff and developed a recognized brand.

A 28-year tenure as owners provided a valuable portal for both. While textiles commands a primary role in each of their lives, what continues to keep their attention is a passion to invent, each on a voyage of discovery.

After starting several businesses together, Claudia and Noel were granted individual artist residencies on an island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland. Having balanced a life of administrative and creative responsibilities, the opportunity to develop their studio practices was a valuable gift. They live on that island today, Fogo Island.

This website is a photo-presentation of the professional, collaborative and individual studio art of Noel Mount and Claudia Brahms. 


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