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I picked up my first camera at fifteen years of age in a second-hand shop in Manchester, England. The Kodak bellows camera started a passion for capturing images. My work developed over time while I pursued a professional career in the Textile Industry. 

As a Textile Technologist, I’ve been responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of textile facilities in Ireland and in Maine, USA. I founded, constructed, trained staff and managed my own small factory, Brahms Mount Textiles. I was also the product photographer, my work had developed to a profession; I had to tell the story of the fabrics.

In my studio work, digital photography makes the media readily accessible and allows me to push boundaries through the use of post processing techniques applied to the raw camera images. I attempt to capture the emotive reaction in my photography that I worked so endlessly to capture in a textile. The good ones become icons. 


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